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I love reading Just Momma to kids. We talk about our imaginations together and what we like to pretend to be. It's amazing to hear how and what they pretend; it's different every time. 

I use my author visits to remind kids it's ok to be scared and how to find their bravery. I also talk about how imagination leads to innovation and how anyone, no matter their age, can create and change our world!

I'd love to come to your classroom and read to your kids too! 

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I offer both In Classroom and Virtual Classroom visits

Visit Fee: Free!

Booking the event: Please email me at to book an event with me! 


Book Pre-Orders: At the time of booking, I will send a printable pre-order flyer for you to give out to parents. Please have all pre-orders completed before the time of my visit.

Receiving books: Books will be autographed and delivered to the classroom 2 weeks after the visit date.

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Visit Includes:

  • Read Aloud

  • Question and Answer Session

  • Age Appropriate craft that promotes imagination and reading (supplies included)


Total Time for Visit: 45 min 

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