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 Ethan and Tyler love to pretend. By putting on their favorite costumes and using their amazing imaginations, they are instantly transported to other places and become different people. One morning, their Momma asks if she can join in.  As firefighters, superheroes, Vikings, pirates, and Samurai; Ethan, Tyler, and their Momma find adventure and challenges along the way. They discover that through the power of imagination they can learn to be brave and overcome any situation when they work together. In the end, the boys find out they love her most when she's just momma.


2021 Purple Dragonfly Award Winner in New Author: Fiction

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"Meredith Johnson's Just Momma is a phenomenal children’s fantasy story about the power of the imagination. Meredith takes us on a whirlwind adventure fighting villains, searching for treasure, defending ships, and rescuing people in need of help. Their mom was willing to follow them to the various places in their imagination and encouraged the boys to be brave when they encountered obstacles. Just Momma is a great example of how parents should nurture and support children’s imagination, encourage teamwork, and let children know that they can be brave and overcome anything.

The illustrations were beautifully depicted and added vibrant color to the story. They portray the various lands that Momma and her sons traveled to and I felt transported as though I was there with them. Just Momma is a real dose of positive energy and reinforcement that children need in today's society. I read this story to my four-year-old son and he loved it. I can’t wait to go on another adventure with Ethan, Tyler, and their mom." -Rolanda Lyles 


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