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A Love Letter to Maryland in Real Life: The Jetty Restaurant & Bar

Welcome back to the series A Love Letter to Maryland in Real Life! The next stop on our journey is The Jetty Restaurant & Bar. In A Love Letter to Maryland, Emma remembers fondly the fun trip she had to Ocean City with her girlfriends. In it she mentions a tiki bar where they stopped to have lunch.

My inspiration for this was a restaurant called The Jetty in Grasonville Maryland.

The Jetty is situated near the Kent Narrows bridge and not far from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It's not visible from the main road, and many people on their way to vacation or elsewhere may miss it. I found out about it from one of my best friends who lives on the Eastern Shore. We inhabited The Jetty in our twenties, sampling their tiki inspired fruity drinks and beer. The atmosphere is very tropical island and with the bay breezes blowing, it's easy to get lost in the island vibe.

Not only are the drinks cold and always flowing, they have a great menu too! It's loaded with Maryland favorites that any local or tourist will want to try. They even have take out breakfast on weekends! And yes, they are open for business with plenty of room for outside dinning so you can still enjoy all of their beautiful views. If you're planning to be in the Kent Island/Kent Narrows area any time soon, I recommend stopping by.

For more information, check out their website at

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