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Book Review: Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston

Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston follows Ahsoka Tano on her journey to figure out who she is after she's turned her back on the Jedi Order. It's also her journey to understand the galaxy now that Order 66 has been issued and carried out. We find her as a lone wolf jumping from system to system, trying not to reveal her true nature or her true name. As it turns out, Ahsoka may have turned her back on the Jedi Order, but what is necessary on the inside to be a Jedi is still within her; No matter how much she denies being one.

As I said, she jumps around to various systems in the beginning until she comes to an Outer Rim planet called Thabeaska. She establishes herself there until Empire Day, the first celebration of the new order. Ahsoka is forced to leave the planet by the Imperials and finds herself traveling to a small moon named Raada. This is where everything changes. Raada provides a catalyst for Ahsoka to remember who she is and to not be afraid of her future.

Ahsoka is fast becoming one of my favorite female Star Wars characters. She's feisty, smart, and a fun character to get to know. One reason I love reading the extended star wars universe is for the clarity of what characters are doing outside of the movies and shows. What happens to them and how does all of this tie back into the story as a whole? I have so many questions after reading this book. At the end, it seems that Bail Organa is bringing Ahsoka to Alderaan. How does Leia not remember Ahsoka? How does Ahsoka not look at Leia and think, wow she looks a little familiar? And it seems that Ahsoka might be joining up with the rebels. What happens there? I know the original Star Wars movies can't answer these questions because the character of Ahsoka didn't exist then, but there are so many more stories that need to be told!

I highly recommend this book to any Star Wars fan. They will fall in love and then become slightly frustrated wishing there were more books written to answer their questions.

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