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Book Review: I am C-3PO The Inside Story by Anthony Daniels

I am C-3PO: The Inside Story is a deeply personal memoir written by the man inside the suit, Anthony Daniels. In his story, Daniels gives the reader inside information into his 40 plus years in the golden suit. He describes his intimate memories of what it was like to be on the sets of the early films, prequels, the last three, and all the movies in between. I am C-3PO also includes never before seen pictures from the films and other various projects.

I am torn on how I feel about this memoir. I think I wanted more from it than I received. If you are expecting to read something that will give you insight into who Anthony Daniels is along with a glimpse into his life, you should look elsewhere. If you are a super fan of Star Wars and would like to view each movie and how it was made through the eye of C-3PO, then this is for you!

Daniels writing is very matter of fact about most things except for the lack of respect he seems to feel from just about everyone he's ever worked with. The person with whom he seems to have the greatest issue with is none other than George Lucas himself. I actually felt for Anthony Daniels. I was upset for him at the treatment he received from Lucas in the early days. His loneliness at the public not understanding he was the person behind 3PO felt very real and relatable. It also became very apparent that he really really wants to be known as C-3PO. So much so, that when he put his feet in the cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater he demanded to sign his name next to 3PO. He seems very sensitive when he's not recognized for playing our favorite Goldenrod.

I liked the book mostly for it's inside scoop on the making of each movie. Anthony Daniels isn't narrating his own life so much as giving Star Wars fan a narrated inside scoop into the world we love so much. Reading this put a little bit of a downer on the fantasy I built up that all the actors were friends even outside of their respective roles. Daniels proves this to not be the case. In fact, it seems that he was mostly ignored by all except for a select few. One of them being Mark Hamill which made me happy. He is however grateful to the fans for all of their loyalty and love to his beloved C-3PO and how could you not be? Without Daniels, C-3PO wouldn't be the lovable know it all we hope will never tell us the odds. I recommend this for any Star Wars fan, but with the caveat that you will learn nothing about Anthony Daniels and who he is outside of the suit.

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