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Book Review: PAX by Sara Pennypacker

Pax is the story of a fox named Pax and "his boy" Peter. As a kit, Pax's family was killed and Peter rescues him. Now Peter is older and war approaches. His father enlists, leaving Peter to move in with his Grandfather far away from his home. Worse than that, Peter cannot take Pax with him. Listening to his ever stern father, Peter takes Pax to an abandoned road and throws his fox's favorite toy in the woods. When Pax retrieves it and comes back to find Peter, he is gone. Peter can't make it through even one night at his grandfather's house before regret sets in. He packs his things and goes on an adventure to get back to his fox. All the while Pax is doing the same thing. This is a story about Pax and Peter and their struggles to get back to each other despite all odds.

I loved this story. I read it with my two boys ages 7 and 10 as a read aloud story. All of us felt connected to both Peter and Pax, hanging on to every chapter hoping it would be the one where they find each other. Pax felt like a coming of age story for both characters, Peter and Pax. Throughout the story both Peter and Pax have trials that help them grow and find out how independent they can be. They find out they're stronger than they thought. Even without each other.

Pax is very age appropriate for upper elementary and middle school readers. Both of my boys were engaged in the story and we had many discussions of why things happened and what might come next. Another great addition to this book are the discussion questions in the back. It's great for a book club or just one on one discussion at home.

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