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Book Review: The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

Far underneath the surface of the Earth, there lies a place called the Starless Sea. Upon it's shores lie numerous tunnels and rooms filled with stories. Finding the entryway to this wondrous place is not always easy as the doors that lead there are often hidden. Some are hidden in the forest, some in homes, and even some in plain sight.

Zachery Ezra Rawlings is looking for one of those doors, although he doesn't really know it yet. He loves books and finds a most peculiar one in the library of his college campus. He becomes enthralled in the stories written there. He discovers a story written about him, from his childhood in the ancient book older than him. This starts his adventure.

With clues of a bee, a key, and a sword, he meets two people who will change his life forever. Mirable, a pink haired painter, and Dorian, a man who is as handsome as he is mysterious. Meanwhile, a battle is raging over the fate of the Starless Sea with many trying to see to it's destruction. Together, Dorian and Mirable take Zachery on an adventure full of romance and mystery as they try to stop Time and Fate to save the Starless Sea.

The Starless Sea is a book that is written like a puzzle, but in a good way! There are pieces spread throughout the book and it's the readers job to put it all together by the end of the story. It will make you stop and think and possibly go back a few pages so your brain can catch up with the words written on the page. I say all of this with a true admiration for the author Erin Morgenstern. I feel like to have written this story, she must have come up with an amazing amount of backstory. The world she created is very impressive as well as believable.

The pages within Starless Sea are a maze that readers will want to get lost in. Honestly I really didn't want it to end and when it did, I craved for the story to continue. I especially became attached to Zachery and Dorian. They are two characters who deserve to share their stories and create their own together. I also really enjoyed the play on folk lore; specifically that surrounding the Moon, Fate, and Time. It gave the book a feeling of connection to our own reality. It's a beautiful story that is beautifully written.

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