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Book Review: The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Lo Blacklock is a journalist writing for a travel magazine, and she's just been handed an assignment that will either make her rise to the top, or fall to the bottom of her career. She's taking a trip on a luxury liner, the cruise ship Aurora, with room only for 20 passengers. Lo's assignment starts well with clear skies, friendly passengers, and a beautiful view of the North Sea. The Aurora is on her maiden voyage and offers plush cabins, elegant dinner parties, and relaxation. However, as the week goes on and the skies become gray and foggy, Lo witnesses something she wished she hadn't: a woman thrown overboard. The only problem is, all crew and passengers are accounted for and no one will listen as Lo desperately tries to explain what she saw. The ship cruises on, leaving Lo as the only person trying to find the woman in cabin 10. The Woman in Cabin 10 is a great summer read and perfect for the beach or pool. It's a mystery novel that keeps the reader enthusiastically turning each page hoping to find out what will happen next. Throughout the story, I tried to guess what could have happened and who could have done it, and it took me until the end to figure it out right along with the main character, Lo. I love mysteries like The Woman in Cabin 10 because it puts my brain into overdrive trying to solve it before the main character. I always start a story like this thinking oh yeah, I've got this, I've seen this before. There's no way the author will pull one over my head. Not surprisingly, I was wrong, again. The Woman in Cabin 10 twists and turns and makes the reader think it's going one way, only to turn around and take you in a different direction. That's the type of story you want to read, right? I like a good mystery that ends in a satisfying way. Everything feels complete and I can walk away from the story not overthinking the ending and what should have happened to the characters. The Woman in Cabin 10 does this very well.

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