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Hi, I'm New Here

Ok, so I'm not new to the writing world, I've been doing that for the last 6 years. What I mean to say is, I'm new to the published author world. The world where you get to shout as loud as you can that someone saw value in your story and wants to share it with others. I've waited a long time for someone other than my family to say they liked one of my stories and now that I'm here, I'm fired up to keep writing and creating.

So who am I you ask? I'm just a lady who just writes for fun but would love to make it my full time career. Scratch that. I'm a woman who has an active imagination and lives to put what my mind sees into words; building worlds and people out of nothing but the thoughts in my head. I'm a writer. I am here. This will be my career. Sounds better than my first sentence, right? It's amazing the impact words can have when you throw the right ones together. To answer my earlier question, outside of putting stories together, I'm also a wife, mom, and work a full time job. Whew.

I have a blog because I like to write. Whether it's good or bad, I like to create, inform, and blast out into the universe my thoughts on various topics. So, what can you expect from this blog? With my writing, I want to inform, create, and inspire while maintaining a positive environment. You'll find tips I've learned about writing and insight into my personal creative process. I'll also write about things important to me such as history and books. Most importantly you will find all my current published works along with updates on writing I'm working on.

I'm happy to have you here!

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I am the mother of this amazing woman who is giving us a peek into her writing talent and all the worlds she will share. I am inspired by what I have read and continue to be lifted up by the positive words she always shares whether hers or from someone else. Thank you Meredith for your words now and in the future!

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