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Retelling Cinderella with a Maryland Twist

We can all agree that the second half of the 2019-2020 school year was a little weird. Suddenly in March every kid and parent were thrust into homeschooling with everyone asking, when will we return? For my kids, it was disappointing that the return never came. And although I really did have fun homeschooling them; my heart broke because it was just one more abnormal thing added to the daily changes of 2020. As my oldest and I went through his school books after retrieving them from his classroom, I stumbled upon a short story he wrote before quarantine started.

His story is called The Maryland Cinder Crab. His 4th grade class was given the challenge of taking a classic fairy tale and giving it a Maryland makeover. He chose Cinderella from Grimm's Fairy Tales.

I'm proud of the thought he put into his story. As I read it, I loved seeing the story of Cinderella through a 10 year olds eyes and I was so impressed by his creativity, imagination, and humor. I'm very excited to publish it here on my website to share with all of you as well and I hope you enjoy! So without further ado, here is The Maryland Cinder Crab as written by my son Ethan.

The Maryland Cinder Crab

One day on the Chesapeake Bay in Crab City, Crabby was having a normal day. Until when Timmy the pelican told crabby that his mom died. He was veeeeeery sad so he ran all the way home. When he got home he told his dad that his mom had died. His dad said "I know...that's why I married another crab." And out from the corner stepped the ugliest crab he had ever seen. Then he said "What the heck! Why did you marry such an ugly crab?!" Then the ugly stepmom said "What a terrible thing to say to your mother! Boys get down here!" Then down from the stirs came two muscular crabs and they were angry. One said "who is this small frail creature?" The other one said "Me thinks it is our new brother!" And from then on they called him frail. So one day it was the day of the big sand statue making contest! And Crabby's dad was on a cruise. The ugly step mother was telling the stepbrothers about it. She said "there will be a contest where you make a sand statue of the princess, and which ever one is the best the princess will make a sand statue shop with the person who made it!"

So then she said "you boys go." Then she came into Crabby's room and said "you clean the house. Now!" He said ok. He started to clean the house when a fairy rockfish appeared and said "Hey Crabby what are you doing cleaning the house?" You should be out at the contest!" "But my stepmom told me to clean the house."

"Don't listen to her, go anyway o.k? I"ll give you a tuxedo and a shiny glass claw!"

"Wow, thanks! I'll go right now!"

"No wait! I almost forgot at 12:00 all of it will go away" "o.k." So off crabby went to the contest and when he got there his stepbrothers were winning! He got to work very quickly and to his surprise he made the best statue in 000000000000000.1 seconds and the princess said "O my WHO MADE THAT STATUE! It is amazing!" Then crabby said "I did." in a cowardly voice and he checked the time, it was 11:55! He said "I got to go!" And then his tuxedo and his pincher fell off! And then a few days later the princess said at Crabby's "who does this belong to?" Crabby said "it belongs to me." And then they made a sand statue making shop next to the castle.

The End

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